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iPad mini video test — sunny & low light 1080p

Posted on 28 Дек 2013 at 9:23дп

Video taken on my iPad mini and edited with iMovie iOS app.

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KOTOR Walkthrough Light Side Male — Taris 9 (WITH CHEATS AND MODS!)

Posted on 29 Сен 2013 at 10:49дп

Canderous and Final Duel with Bendak Starkiller.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

iPhone Controlled Video Lights — Rotolight ANOVA, WiFi Studio light!

Posted on 22 Июл 2013 at 4:00пп

Claimed as «the World’s Most Advanced LED Floodlight» the Anova from Rotologht is the very big brother of the rotolight interview kit I reviewed here; http:/…

Light Up My World — Stop Motion свет фотографии

Posted on 02 Апр 2013 at 4:56пп

экспериментальный проект для эстетики класса — Технологический университет, Сидней 2012 429 фотографий, каждая с выдержкой между 4 «и 30» (тем более легкой, мы …

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lover of the light | chuck + blair

Posted on 04 Мар 2013 at 4:01пп

‘you may not trust the promises of the change i’ll show, but i’d be yours if you’d be mine.’ best day ever, chuck + blair, barney + robin and then my new ipad mini. someone hug me, my emotions are uncontrollable. and we made it. i know this is gonna get a shitload of dislikes from people who weren’t satisfied with the finale but come on, imo there was never any doubt that these two wouldn’t be endgame. not from when nair happened in s2 again or when dair happened in s5. everything that happened i believed just showcased the more reasons that these two could never let go…

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