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How to call people on the iPod Touch using Fring (No Jailbreaking Required!)

Posted on 21 Сен 2013 at 6:13дп

New Version: We will be using a free app from the iTunes App Store called Fring. This allows us to make VOIP phone…

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How To Tether Your Camera To An Ipad Without Jailbreaking

Posted on 24 Июл 2013 at 1:01дп

All you need is this card Last year I released a video explaining how to wirelessly tether your camera to an iPad by jailbreaking t…

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What Does Jailbreaking Your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad Mean?

Posted on 06 Июл 2013 at 1:00дп

Explaining what jailbreaking is and what the pros and cons of jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are. In this video I cover alot of things that e…

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How to Call People on the iPod Touch For FREE! No Jailbreaking Required! [v2]

Posted on 03 Июл 2013 at 1:00пп

The easiest way to call people for FREE on your iPod Touch in the US and Canada. iCall allows an unlimited amount of calls inside the US for free. Internatio…

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5 Great Paid Tweaks Worth Jailbreaking iOS 6

Posted on 24 Июн 2013 at 1:01пп

How To Jailbreak Your iPhone on iOS 6 with Evasi0n — How To Jailbreak Yo…

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