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SharmuttaDJ about new game Google Quest Elevator

Posted on 07 Авг 2014 at 11:20дп


new game google play

pictures of iPAD mini VS Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 about specifications

Posted on 15 Июл 2013 at 7:01дп

Video Rating: 5 / 5

I Can Dream About You — Dan Hartman (HQ Audio)

Posted on 08 Апр 2013 at 4:00пп

1984 Classic Streets of Fire soundtrack, Dan Hartman Great Theme.

ipod 10

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Hackintosh From Start to Finish (Part 6): What about Windows?

Posted on 31 Янв 2013 at 4:02дп

In this video series, I hope to explain everything that you need to know about building a hackintosh. Throughout this series, I take you from the beginning stages of planning and researching, all the way to having Mac OS X fully running on your PC! In part 6 of my Hackintosh series, I answer the question «What about Windows?». I take you on a quick tour of the Parallels Desktop virtual machine, as well as a full tutorial on how to dual boot with Windows 7! Here’s the accompanying blog post on TekSocial: More questions? Check me out on Twitter: @cpukid Also be sure to check out the…

What is a good vacuum cleaner for about 100 dollars?

Posted on 22 Дек 2012 at 11:14дп

Вопрос Plan B: What is a good vacuum cleaner for about 100 dollars?I found this one. Is it any good?

Hoover Silver Star H4507

* 1700w motor * Barrel Type * 5.5L capacity * Silver colour * 4 stage filtration * floor tool, onboard tools, 5m cord * electronic speed control * compact and lightweight * 12 month warranty My budget is kind of low but if it’s worth it, I might spend some more. Лучший ответ:

Answer by the_unluckiestPretty much all $ 100…

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How many people can you seat at a dinning room table that is 112″ long? What about 100″ long?

Posted on 26 Окт 2012 at 5:18пп

Вопрос Travis F: How many people can you seat at a dinning room table that is 112″ long? What about 100″ long?I’m shopping for dinning room tables and want to be able to seat 10-12 people when it is extended with a leaf(s). The ones I’ve found say 100″, 104″, 108″, and 112″. Just not sure what lengths will seat how many people. Лучший ответ:

Answer by kevinschhoeuy@sbcglobal.netyou can fit at least 9 people on each side people are at most 5 inches wide and want 7 inches of space on both sides. that gives you 12 if the table is 112 than 112 divided by 12 is almost 9 there…

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