iPhone 4s Wireless Charging Hack Demo and Tutorial

Here is a montage of photos that I took while modifying my iPhone 4s to build in wireless charging. There are wireless charging options out there such as the…

[youtube i7WDQz6vv0s]

iphone 6

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  1. Kalle Persson:

    How do you know on which pins on the «charger case-side» you should solder on? Not the «iPhone-side».

  2. moparzach:

    Can you still charge it with the cable

  3. cyabits1:

    Too Risky bro.I will do it if i am professional -.-

  4. canoncola:

    Thumbs up, very impressive. NOW go to radioshack and get their 6v .5a solar cell for $10 and fit it to the backing.

  5. Appletech957:

    thumbs up if this actully works because i am almost 100%sure that this didnt work

  6. ba1dwin:

    Good job man. Hopefully Apple see’s your video and realizes they are falling behind. They need to hire you on the development team. Hollar!

  7. pay ment:

    adf. ly/L1NJ4 (remove space) Hello, I Am Here to Introduce to You My New Hacking Tips And Tricks#. After Months of Working On it, It is Finally Here! My Crew And I Spent Months Trying to Create Something As Wonderful As This. We Had Our Hopes Down But We Came Together As a Ream And Actually Created it! NO SURVEY, NO SCAM, works real!!!!!!

  8. Youssef Attia:

    That’s pretty cool! Why apple didn’t do that in iphone 5 ?

  9. soulisland:

    what is the charging speed like? In addition how will this behave if you through in a random metal object between the charging conductors

  10. MCButterApples:

    I think they should make a case that goes in the lightning connector and then you have a mat like that but supports the case and then it would be better cuz I know shit bout wiring

  11. AudioVideoMan01:

    shut up and take my money!

  12. Deniz Altug:

    İt is amazing

  13. Jordan Groen:

    I»m not sure, but I get the feeling that he put a Iphone 4 connector assembly into an iphone 4s. The contacts have the same uses,5v, ground, data+- etc, so I guess they could be interchangeable.

  14. lennonSystems:

    Make for iPhone 5 PLZ !!!

  15. joe87linkin:

    Sweet!! What powermat receiver did u use??

  16. coccoborg:

    This is absolutely awesome! Although I fear it would not work in the iPhone 5 for teo main reasons: there’s no room and the back is made of metal…

  17. Ramiromasters:

    I think it would be better to hack a case or skin, putting the charging device on it, than opening the phone.
    I mean I only take the skin off to clean it up every now and then…

  18. rspetterborg:

    could you post a link to the wiring of the powermat cables to solder to? I’d really like to do this and have most of the equipment to do it, but some detailed instructions would be great! I can get a powermat circuit for 5 bucks on amazon, but taking it apart and identifying the wires is another story…Also, can you still plug the iphone into a computer to sync it, or is this disrupted by the soldering?

  19. Kairu2468:

    That’s exactly what he did

  20. Hazen Criddle:

    where did you purchase the piece that is inside the phone that is soldered to the dock connector?  Did you take apart one of the cases that come with tthe power mat? thanks