Apple — iPhone 3G Keynote 2008 (HQ) Part 1 of 2

Apple and Steve is showing of their new iPhone 3G who has 3G compatibility and as well the fantastic appstore.

[youtube 4RSQScoe7yM]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Владимир Тишин:

    Я русский но всё понятно

  2. gtafrenzy:

    I love my Iphone its very stable in software.

  3. Bryan Villadar:

    26 dislikes are android user…

  4. hghgyufguyfg:

    iPhone best invention ever for mobile phones

  5. cowan21:

    Used to have an iPhone 3G and then I bought a Nokia Lumia with the new Windows operating system.
    Wish I didn’t now, I would put up with slower internet over Windows Phone 7.

  6. MrZombiemaster09:

    nope, note 2 requires a stylus, and nobody likes styluses, and the gs3 has slower 4G LTE speeds that the iPhone 5, so iPhone 5 wins.

  7. Ps3notxbox360:


  8. Sjuht Handle:

    3:57 They thought it was a joke.

  9. kuba2499:

    You mean that plastic crap?

  10. Daniel Meade:

    @theturksmusic remember that this was made in 2008

  11. TheTurksMusic:

    try a samsung galaxy s 3 or a galaxy note 2, that will change your mind!

  12. goldylox1414:

    i get a whole day

  13. icekillez:

    9:16 lol robotic voice

  14. DRACHIR88:

    samsung wannabe apple 🙂

  15. vikamihhailova12345:

    How you think, what is better Samsung or Apple?

  16. Abhinav Meda:

    IPhone 5

  17. MrCrusty182:

    when did you have it? 1998?

  18. Tong Sokunthea:

    That cool! Appel have done good job!

  19. Furkan Ka:


  20. Tipcat Deneb:


  21. Tipcat Deneb:

    @Zakaria Amraoui if you listen he Said in the SAME phone you can’t do 2 things at the same time now can you? On the same phone that is

  22. Zakaria Amraoui:

    6:20 FAKEEE! If you can see it, they have delayed the mobile! that one loading thing next to the clock in the top, going slower than the other with 3G!

  23. Loc Luke:

    @HeavyHDx then go kill yourself

  24. Cod comedy:

    Love 3GS beats my sensation xe and galaxy player 4.2! XD

  25. TM3Vlog:

    This phone is from 2008. BTW don’t fuck with the cult of Apple