How to fix iPhone 4 Lock / Power Button [easy] [actual not temporary]

100% satisfaction so far, look at the comments & it is very easy! This is the way I fixed my iPhone 4 lock button felt stuck and would not work. *DO NOT ATTE…

[youtube DRt4Zjbx6n4]

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  1. Blaine Sieck:

    you can activate assistive touch in the settings then take screenshots with that

  2. DashofCountry:

    This is just a fact I’m throwing out there, but if you do this and take apart your iPhone, it voids your warranty. But if you’d rather just not take apart your iPhone, you can Jailbreak it and get an app called «Activator», and program your phone’s Home Button to be held and act as a lock button. This is how I do mine, but I already ordered the little screwdriver thing.

  3. Bijay Parkash:

    Cheers mate. My button has not been working for the past 3 months. but a quick fix and its all sorted. NICE ONE!!!

  4. Byron Lee:

    Apple store gave me this work around (or pay $99). Settings -General — Accessibility — Assistive touch. It’s a virtual button that sits on top of whatever is displayed on your screen. It can do all the things your real buttons do like power, volume, and even screenshots. It can be toggled on and of with Triple Clisk Assist. Set this up in Accessibility also. Then triple click your Home Button to turn the Assistive Touch button on and off your display.

  5. Byron Lee:

    Just taking the back off fixed it for me. Must’ve loosened something up. My 4S looks different inside. Put a piece of paper in there anyway. Button works now but not as springy as when new.

  6. chiefbarkontree:

    Dude fuck what anyone else says. I’ve watched a dozen of these repair vids and none of them tell me why this issue occurs. All they basically do is show you how to disassemble the entire phone, and give you no idea of how to actually fix the issue. Thanks for posting this. It has helped more than watching vids from companies that do this for a living.

  7. Lucia Niola:

    I dont even have a rubber thingy in there 🙁
    I guess no more screen shots for me

  8. Lucia Niola:


  9. Edgar Pedraza:

    Thank you. Worked for me.

  10. Jroddizzle03:

    Someone please help me u

  11. Jroddizzle03:

    John brown plug your phone in

  12. scrambledlegs39:

    worked for me too! Just slide the paper in and it got the button unstuck. Didnt need to keep the paper in it either. Thanks!

  13. IPhoneHelper360:

    Hey guys I hope you can check out my Channel

  14. Yeahss Cee:

    Thank you so much! xx

  15. kardnal:

    I tried sliding the paper in, but it wouldn’t go in all the way. When I pulled the paper out to try again, the button worked. Thanks!

  16. John Brown:

    What to do when iphone 4s isnt coming on ?

  17. kflynt2006:

    i opened phone, tried to slide the paper in but it wouldnt fit. I pulled it out to make it smaller but I realized that the button started working again without any paper in…
    So I can say it worked for me too! Thanks! 🙂

  18. BassShredder14:

    you can also use an old sim card and cut it down to fit 😀