Why Green Day Hates the iPad

The band explains to Techland why they think Apple’s latest creation is lacking during an interview on their Rock Band game Full story here: http://su.pr/3UIehM.

[youtube V3H_zP_2dWk]

ipad 5

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комментариев 13

  1. MelissaMcCheezy:

    Buying them, just to figure out what the f*ck it is.
    i feel you bro.

  2. greenday103921guns:

    «In short, the IPad is Stupid.»
    (Everyone laughs)
    Tre gives the «I mean it» face.

  3. Alex Dunning:

    Watching this on my ipad

  4. AnnaDreadful:

    Does he realize that he says Y’know so many times ? Y’know Y’know Y’know ….. xD

  5. Laura Momia:

    7 veces

  6. Laura Momia:

    I do…

  7. SoniaGirl28:

    Green day hates the ipad but I’m watching this on a ipad…. SO DO THEY HATE ME??!!

  8. georgelewthw8:

    this has got to be the calmest i have ever seen Tre…

  9. Miss GDlover:

    Um, well there’s no port?? That’s what I got…

  10. Ben Reilly:

    «In short the iPad is stupid»

  11. Ty Ehlinger:

    I wonder how they feel about the 242569 other iPad models & the mini…

  12. Agata K.:

    So why don’t you get to fucking counting and spare yourself all the listetning to the overall message interview?

  13. Crinkle Cut Cowboy:

    Y’know x