ReBirth for iPad

ReBirth, the legendary Techno Micro Composer, is on the iPad now! In this video ReBirth guru Kurt «Peff» Kurasaki gives us a walkthrough of the new iPad feat…

[youtube zomsMea6KxM]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Max16032:

    Let’s face it: Nothing beats analog, but it is expensive. Rebirth really brings a 5000$ analog rig into your iPad. And you can carry it anywhere. Trust me: Once you start messing around with the virtual machines, you don’t need to get the real deal unless you really have the cash to spend. I use it in my recordings and it sounds phenomenal! Get this and save lots of money!!

  2. Track Hitterz:

    Pretty cool.. check how my beats sound..

  3. MrGhostlight:

    check out my rebirth songs on myspace/thelasthippiefeatrb388

  4. Skizerz McDerp:

    «what they’re missing out on» look up Caustic for android, would use that over this any day.

  5. Andrew Pollard:

    Any particular reason why the song upload feature mentioned on the website always results in a ‘song not found’ error in the app…. but downloading songs from the song archive poses no problem?

    (Now commenting on YouTube because I have received zero response through official Propellerhead support channels)

  6. yoizzy16:

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  7. omcasanova:

    Great video, good demonstration and edit.

  8. ShopWiiBee:

    It’s crazy how people spend a lot of money buying the Ipad, yet the majority are not aware of what the Ipad is acyually capable of doing plus it doesn’t come with a manual.
    Check out my channel for lessons on how to get the most out of you Ipad.

  9. Andreas Ivars:

    I got to get me an iPad!

  10. Felix Coulton:

    @2.34 — Youngstar — Pulse X … anyone?

  11. anzatzi:

    Great video, musical and comprehensive. thanks!!

  12. Jason Sweet:

    hey,, you should allow wav export through itunes file sharing so we can get 44100 khz waves

  13. americannable:

    ipads are ugly

  14. burydudexxx:

    Include a Retina Display update and this would be perfection — Pretty please …

  15. jeopardy60611:

    I just watched a demo for «djay» and found this as a related video. I had no idea this existed. I have worked with Alesis drum machines, but I’ve heard of the «808» and I know how common it has been in hit music. It’s interesting how this app replicates the gear and lets you work with all those machines with their familiar interfaces.

  16. HempDaDemp:

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  17. lorinstoll:

    Great demo!

  18. supadupa555:

    When will you give us the retina display update? Rebirth and it’s mods looks like shit on iPad 3rd and 4th Gen…. Infact most of the text is barely readable.

  19. mooretto:

    It’s great!
    The shame is that u have to pay it not matter if you already have the iPhone version.


  20. gretschfreak:

    I run garageband on Ipad and It desperately needs this sort of dynamic, especially for its horribly anemic electronic beats. Any chance of internally (or less conveniently externally) importing files from ReBirth as midi data through the loops option in Garageband? I guess even a direct mp3 import would be acceptable.