String — Augmented Reality — iPad (HD)

This is a demonstration of the new app String. If you want to try it out, you can get the printable cards here:

[youtube yCEHIkJanm4]

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  1. sashanaberezhnov:


  2. arnzzz1:

    this is very cool, nice work.

  3. LamborghiniRGT:

    I can’t wait for augmented reality porn!!! 😀

  4. FidelityGaming23:

    I love augmented reality. I was curious, and maybe this is just me thinking outside the box but — Let’s say you could put this app on the google glasses, and print out large, high quality pictures to put on your wall, and when you walk around, you can see all of these ARs through the glasses. What I mean exactly is — if I put them all on the wall, it should be ‘possible’ to view all of them in real time at the same time..

    This is awesome!

  5. Michael Sandt:

    Hey i have the same error code when building it in xcode. Do you have a solution for this? Thanks


    What alle

  7. Shukhrat Khodjaev:

    Interested in more AR games? Check out MosquitoKiller Augmented Reality game in App Store. It is fun![dot]com/us/app/mosquitokiller!/id489505334?mt=8

  8. Jeffrey Lanters:


    I bought String. And I works good in Unity3D on my desktop.
    But when I build for xcode, and I try to build it on xcode to my
    iphone. this error pops up:


    «HandleOrientationRequest()», referenced from:
    «ShouldHandleRotation(ScreenOrientation*)», referenced from:
    «UnitySetAllowOrientationDetection(bool)», referenced from:


    Please help! I’m stuck…

  9. Valentin Botev:

    COOOOOOL-They said they were developing it for Android too[iminent=aqC6F9gUWfOB]
    I have just posted a cool Emoticon!

  10. ampharel:

    Augmented Reality is putting 3D object into the *real world* through a video device like a Webcam or Camera in your phone/tablet.
    This application is called String and it projects animations on top of the cards you look at through your iPad.

  11. Bubbibubbi:

    Go to the link in the description, and click on ‘Print Targets’.
    Then a PDF-file will open, and you just print that.

  12. MineWithMitch:

    It’s called string but I don’t know how to get the paper

  13. Joecess s:

    Guys, this called what name ?
    augmented reality what ?
    i need to do some resource….

  14. George Munday:

    Looks cool

  15. TritonMusicUk:

    is tehre anything like this for android?

  16. DarkKnight2259:

    when i open the app it is stuck on the Hello Screen i cant get past it..

  17. DarkKnight2259:

    hhm how come it does not work for me i am doing the same thing you are… the ones i printed dont work but the original one does. pls help