Gyroscope Demo: iPhone 4

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[youtube PwBFBvR2VXA]

iphone 6

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  1. RedstoneBob:


  2. Olavi Murto:

    I suppose you’re better at this in real life 😀

  3. Exestenz:

    It’s too bad, using the camera to track where the user is point with relation to how the image moves works soo much better than gyro-guessing.

  4. OsafuneKurisu:

    i want a type of glasses that could see blond or asian girls naked outside or school. giggity~

  5. Daniel Quinteros:

    THATS SO TRUE oh yea a house car job porn hehehe

  6. TheShadow26852:

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  7. elmalhermano:

    half life 2 episode 3

  8. Ryan Wood:

    Wow. Phones now have IMUs (inertial measurement unit consisting an accelerometer and a gyroscope). Pretty amazing.

  9. AnwaBigJoe:


  10. c4life2828:

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  11. Jere Perkov:

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  12. steebai:

    you’re retarded.

  13. nathanjohnson123:

    Yeah. But it’s on the apple site to but I’m sure it’s not for your place. If AT&T isn’t there what do u guys use for your carrier? I thought apple only allows iPhone to be on AT&T?

  14. theBIGreekgeek:

    🙁 AT&T is in USA right?but i live in Greece!

  15. nathanjohnson123:

    Didn’t u see the commercial? I have one and it rocks! All though it isn’t an iPhone 4, its still an iPhone and it runs iOS 4 which makes it like an iPhone 4 a little. Just no front facing camera and no retina display. iPhone 3GS is $49.99 with a AT&T 2-year contract. It is a very awesome phone, I love it! And the home screen allows wall papers and everything because of iOS 4. And the dock has a 3D look at the bottom. It is awesome!

    Hope this helps,

  16. theBIGreekgeek:


  17. nathanjohnson123:

    Is the Gyroscope on the iPhone 3GS?

  18. nathanjohnson123:

    iPhone 3GS is $49 right now…….

  19. theBIGreekgeek:

    i’m sure the gyroscope is gonna be better than the android sensor who wtucks as hell but i still don’t have enough money 4 an iphone…!

  20. norbert13mad:

    WOW! just got my free verizon iphone4 from !

  21. HerrDoktorMugg:

    Good review…but please try to speak a bit softer…you dont have to come off as a hard ass. 🙂