10 Things That Make You A 2000’s Kid

10 Things That Make You A 00’s Kid From Harry Potter to the iPod, here are 10 things that made you a 00’s kid. Music = No One Is Like You 2 by Bob Bradley an…

[youtube V2wnUDO3rqk]

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  1. Andrew Lee:

    born 94 and relate to the top 10 90’s kid video more

  2. Gamanna Birtles:

    I LIED

  3. DogMeat425:

    i was born in 1994 and these are all true

  4. cromosomag:

    mexican chilhood is like 2000s and 1990s

  5. myawill2002:

    yes! These are ALL SO TRUE!!!11121

  6. MusicalRadiation:

    I’m just in the middle of the 90’s and 00’s kids >.>

  7. 1DirectionAndKierra5:

    See, one thing isn’t true. For my 11th birthday I got a «letter» from Hogwarts/ It was the exact same thing. So cool!!

  8. TheSbaJunior:

    Why Hogwarts didn’t sent me a letter yet >:(

  9. DarknessDudeNotCrazy:

    You’re right that someone born in 2000 is way too young for the 90s but is being a kid really about being in puberty instead of watching Disney films?

  10. Wooziee ee:

    hmmm…. a little too true :p

  11. PoeHopIn74:

    i was born in 94 and a lot of this is still true!

  12. Barracuda487:

    lol at all the thumbs down…2000 kids suck. Just joken

  13. cr1234678:

    your not a 90s kid your only 13 and your still a kid i was a kid in the mid late 90s and early 2000s

  14. dontXwakeXsaya:

    You better believe I know who lives under the sea… It’s Nemo, right?

  15. BellaLovesPewds:

    5/10, woah, i’ve been living under a rock

  16. HollywoodDreamer139:

    Haha YES!

  17. Patrick Star:

    i agree. they made me so stupid in the new episodes. :(

  18. Sonamyfan92:

    I’m a late 90’s kid so I still get teased! Nobody wants us ’97 kids! :C

  19. Sonamyfan92:

    Can I be in between being a 2000 kind and 90’s vkid? Because I was born in ’97 and the 90’s kids don’t want me…yet I’m pretty sure the ’00s kids don’t want me either…xDD

  20. MrJlord11:

    For 2010’s thell probaly say ‘you know what time it is’

  21. ElderScrollLord:

    no there will be the 2020’s, 30’s, 40’s and so on. yes were in a new millenium but theres still a difference between decades. probably when the 1000’s happened they were like «welp its no longer the hundreds anymore». then when its the year 20000 people will be like the 19990’s was the last good era.

  22. DarknessDudeNotCrazy:

    Seeing re-runs doesn’t count dumbass.

  23. ElderScrollLord:

    sucks for kids born in the late 90’s cuz you missed out on this in 2000.
    thankfully I was born in the early 90’s. last geneartion to have it good.

  24. Joe18916cp:

    I think people like the 90s cause it creates a barrier between the 80s and now lol. I pass all the 90s kid tests and I was born in 2000. Pretty stupid