2012 Apple Cup — 4th Quarter and OT

Who cares about the first 3 quarters? Here’s every play of the 4th quarter and overtime from the 2012 Apple Cup.

[youtube M58jd0O9XRs]


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  1. lolboy546:

    «You can’t ice me, bro.»
    -Andrew Furney

  2. lmbryan7:

    You sir are just stupid. That was clearly helmet to helmet contact on the quarterback after he had already thrown the ball. Even if he hadn’t yet it was still gonna be a personal foul helmet to helmet contact anyways. That call would be made every single time

  3. ImUrTubeSocksDaddy:

    Ethan, that’s what defenses are supposed to do;~~ run all over the field and take down dawgs. The Cougs were clearly the superior team in the 2012 Apple Cup, and there is nothing wrong with fans celebrating. Nice victory WSU!!

  4. ImUrTubeSocksDaddy:

    I went to Alabama and my Crimson Tide have been a pretty good team in 2011 and 2012. But the Crimson Tide was not part of the Apple Cup, and I bring this up only to point out how stupid it is to bring up other teams that are not part of this game. I give credit to Wazzu for dominating UW in the 4th quarter and in overtime! No rediculous comments take can take away the 2012 Apple Cup victory from WSU.

  5. Ethan Hsu:

    are you being sarcastic? or do you know for real its a rivalry game

  6. lolboy546:

    I know, it’s almost like it’s a rivalry game or something.

  7. Ethan Hsu:

    the cougars suck so bad, when they beat washington they were running all over the field P.S. my team would roll tide over the cougs

  8. Ethan Hsu:

    the cougars suck so bad, that when they beat washington they were running all over the field and were crazy maniacs

  9. lolboy546:

    Yeah, the Huskies’ recruiting class looks pretty good this year. One thing they will need to work on is their defensive penalties, those were just way too sloppy and really hurt them for no good reason. Next year for the Cougs might see some good improvement, but I’m not holding my breath for obvious reason. However, at Texas Tech Leach didn’t typically need top recruits. He mostly stuck with 3 star as well as a few 4 star recruits, and he led them to bowl games almost every season.

  10. a27forever:

    This isn’t really the Husky’s prime. They’ve got another top-25 class coming in and are more than likely going to do far batter than the Cougs this year.

  11. frofro73:

    This is y I love this sport called college football …..games like these!!


    41 on the huskies is a little bitch! He pushed a cougar after the winning field goal

  13. cougarbrothers:

    go cougars

  14. tobedetermined3:

    As a young WSU fan, i have to live with the crap all my friends give me about how UDUB is always better than the cougs. Not this game. I was there in the stands with tears streaming down my face, and ill admit it! best moment of my life when furney made the field goal.

  15. DarkestHourRock .:

    Best memory from WSU hands down

  16. lolboy546:

    I’ll take a shitty rebuilding season over blowing the Apple Cup and a bowl game in our «prime».

  17. colin dawley:

    haha i wanna see how far he cougs go this year maybe they will get more than 2 wins you never know they could get 3 wins cause they fucking suck thats why the huskies went to a bowl game you dumb aSS COUGAR FANS

  18. DustinTJ1:

    The best part is listening to all the excuses the UW fans have come up with.


    I was in tears in the stands! GO COUGS! :’D

  20. ssfc117:

    Dear Trufant, Thank you so very much for all those stupid penalties. We definitely enjoyed them very much, and capitalized on them. They were awesome!
    Sincerely, the WSU fan base

  21. lolboy546:

    Hmm, I can’t seem to find that quote so I must be wrong about that. But you are correct, most of the penalties came from the defense for sure. But seriously, some of those penalties were just blatantly intentional.

  22. MegaBostonredsox:

    your right. refs that trained their entire lives for this job intentionally threw the game so WSU could beat UW. and trufaunt was ALL OVER williams and ratliff all game. they should have been calling that shit from the start. and if UW could fucking score in the 4th quater you would have won. and if your kickers knew how to kick you had a W. not our fault we capitalized when we had the chance and you didnt. bottom line, we took risks and capitalized you didnt, thats an upset. deal with it

  23. CaptainToucan:

    link plz. and besides the vast majority of penalties came against our defense, not the offense.

  24. CaptainToucan:

    lol you’re right about the helmet to helmet, forgive me I was drunk.