Beating iPhone Heart Halloween Costume + 20 more high-tech costumes

Digital Dudz are pretty much your key to Halloween party domination… just sayin. Apple download: Android download: htt…

[youtube fU0gs6KQ8jw]

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комментария 22

  1. qazwedik:

    dont for get the power bank. or that ‘costume’ will only work for like 3hours max on iphone.

  2. picachu180able:

    Hey Can You Make Like. a Dubstep thing

  3. ella gracelle:


  4. Trin Heiffer:

    Lol those T-shirts are supercool!!!

  5. Annie Brataclay:


  6. FaithvsFateFilms:

    Your work is amazing!

  7. Josh Yates:

    Where do you get the t shirts from

  8. mickybabes6:

    damn, i fell ibn love with it! <3 😀

  9. Sergiy Krynytskyy:

    So you deserve a free one. Right? 😀

  10. FelixWTFProduction:

    Jeah… I ALWAYS have a useless iPad layin’ in the corner… thanks.

  11. Eric Kleinschmidt:


  12. John W:

    This was uploaded on my bday

  13. sumiman28:

    Heart on the stomach. Seems legit

  14. David Arsovski:

    where do you get the shirts

  15. SPTxNiNja11:

    No? You can buy it

  16. StaTus554:


  17. biggamerboi:

    Where do you get the shirts?

  18. ganesh2levrai:

    Man i’d vote for you if there ever is a Coolness Nobel Prize.

  19. Nata Wade:

    never mind i faoind it 🙂

  20. Nata Wade:

    what is the app called?

  21. Malikhi Rainey:

    with this video i pretended to fall super bad and get cut by a needle. my mom thought it was real

  22. bidoumadoka:

    Shut up and take my money