The Next iPhone: What I want to See

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  2. jmlkO495:

    youre dumb check the specs 5 isnt a larger «4S» ..

  3. saboobuu:

    The iPhone 4 is the best iPhone relative to its predecessor; the 5 is a 4S with a larger screen, the 3G was just a hardware upgrade with the App Store, etc. And the iPhone 5 is a piece of junk compared to all other phones on the market. Get an HTC One instead.

  4. TriopTamer123:

    actually i never thought of that AWESOME IDEA THANKSSS

  5. ashur54:

    Plenty my ass

  6. Zuzullo:

    Kill iTunes dependency and tedious sync methods!

  7. Agsipodtouchelp:

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  8. Alex Addison:

    16gb is plenty.

  9. MrNeocaligus:

    Yeah I didn’t think of that, I store all of my music on my 7th Gen Nano, and I take my videos and pictures with my DSLR camera. So I just use my iPod for apps and stuff. So all I really need is like 8GB-16GB. 🙂

  10. pucupucubumbum:

    not if you record a lot of videos and have a large high quality (320kbps) music library 🙂

  11. DenverJohnBradley:

    That’s for each individual to decide~ It makes for better customer satisfaction~

  12. MrNeocaligus:

    Who wants more memory? 64GB and 32GB’s are waay more than you actually need.

  13. PeppersOnChili:

    nfc is old school apple has been following behind a lot also with wireless charging

  14. Stupranos:

    I agree too, but if we don’t get a card slot, a memory boost with no price increase will be the next best thing. Oh and I can easily see the RAM being bumped to 2GB seeing how Apple will want their phone to be comparable to it’s rivals.

  15. Alex Koshy:

    would like to c few adjustment as foll
    1. would like the panorama pics to b slightly wider
    2. heard sometime back tat they r working on 3D camera, will b actually cool to c it being Incorporated in the new iPhone.
    3. should add timer to the camera app.
    4. Bluetooth should be compatible to transfer files between other devices (not only apple products)
    5. live wallpaper will b a good addition.
    6. widget in the same size as icons on the screen to switch wifi, Bluetooth n airplane mode on n off..

  16. DenverJohnBradley:

    as much as i’d love to agree, a card slot would be better as it’s really up to the user what to put in it and it makes for cancelling out other variants of the phone.

  17. SilentKnight1000:

    I want to see 3D display without using glasses.

  18. Bohdan1990:

    i hate haptic feedback its fucking annoying

  19. pisse3000:

    I’m starting to think I’m the only one, but I hate haptic feedback with a passion. But I guess it should be an option though.

  20. Stupranos:

    If they don’t then they should at least eliminate the 16GB, introduce a 128GB while leaving the pricing the same.