Building iPad Apps

iPad app developer Ontario Britton spoke at the first meeting of the St. Francis College Apple Users Group on March 31, 2011, telling the packed room about w…

[youtube oPeusWSQxL0]

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  1. greenapplepush33:

    I like World Of Warcraft

  2. greenapplepush33:


  3. afromalone:

    Superb vid!

  4. Ontario Britton:


  5. Doesn-t Matter:

    bloody hell !!! I’m just a business student with a great idea, how will I have time to do all of this -_- great vid

  6. tabitha davis:

    im interested in making an app.

  7. MORESk8te:

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  8. Mihir Ranade:

    Wat about windows??? Compiler to code on windws?

  9. melody cai:

    same here

  10. Wolfga:

    Oh! The pizza’s here! lol 🙂

  11. Martin Liheim:

    She has slept with him :O

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  14. MrFREDDIE1515:

    does anyone have a website or app idea? MSG ME

  15. stfrancisny:

    This talk grew out of the courses that we run at St. Francis College which teaches how to develop apps. You can find links to the courses in the description above.
    The courses can not be taken online.

  16. The614s:

    is there a class i can take to learn stuff like this

  17. PinguLuk:

    0:00 FAIL! Window 7 ! HAHA

  18. MiddlebrowMentality:

    Lots of really great info here, especially about the app store’s top charts.


    Great stuff of titbit knowledge. Ty loader

  20. choobplaya:

    his fingers were exploding for a little bit

  21. smajid127:

    She looks like Asma

  22. Gabe Ross:

    Just watch the lady ramble in the beginning