iPad Mini For School?

Link for the iPad Mini or Laptop!:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKVjNk5KnTs This video is just a quick take on how the iPad mini is for educational purpose…

[youtube rZAqKm39b7E]

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  1. wowgeeek:

    I’ve been using «Notability» for my note taking app for roughly 1.5 years. It does absolutely everything I want it to. Check it out!

  2. Moses Monzon:

    That’s good that it works for you, however a normal iPad (whether that be the second, third, or fourth generation) paired with a keyboard dock such as brydge or cruxskunk is way more efficient for school work. It is a little more spendy but in the long run it will make a huge impact on performance.

  3. thebookhling:

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the coverage!

  4. ergi123456789ify:

    For school?

  5. ergi123456789ify:

    Would you recommend the ipad mini or the ipad 4?

  6. Cmarshall1544:

    I am glad this helped!

  7. Cmarshall1544:

    It would be worth the convincing!

  8. Cmarshall1544:

    I will be checking that out

  9. Cmarshall1544:

    Well if you are on campus you should have wifi so you can save yourself the couple hundred dollars and go for the wifi. However if you are often off campus it could be worth the extra cash.

  10. Cmarshall1544:

    Google drive is awesome I wish it synced through the iPad instead of the app

  11. Cmarshall1544:

    The iBook library is rather lacking but you can by your ebooks from your campus book store and then import it into iBooks

  12. M. Olsen:

    Does ibooks have a large variety of college textbooks?

  13. abdul rachwani:

    Google drive

  14. Alyssa Rivera:

    This could probably convince my grandpa to buy me an IPad Mini!!!

  15. Zach Barnes:

    Do you need the 3G/4G model or will the Wifi Only model work well for school?

  16. Necmi koçer:

    best note taking app, but it aint free , is «note plus» be sure u check it.

  17. TumbleTyme757:

    You answered every question I had thank you!

  18. Peter Dressler:

    You could just click, SEND TO… EVERNOTE and it would import as well.

  19. Cristhian Almora:

    You can buy the Apple Airport Express 2th Generation.You can set up it to a Printer to make your Printer Wireless.

    Note: This option is only available on a Mac, with Lion or Mountain Lion.

  20. Cmarshall1544:

    I will be checking that out then!

  21. Daniel Li:

    notability’s really good, allows both handwriting and text-typing