The Tek 0023: Dragoncon, TPP, Google and Apple being evil, Humans Traveling in Space

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[youtube 7hMLzKawsVE]

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  1. neil goode:

    let’s hope they only turn phones off on airplanes and stuff like that

  2. LikeMike1234100:

    that is the elections in the united states, evil, or a little less evil.

  3. darkart777:

    Or buy the kindle wipe it and install ubuntu =D

  4. andrew smith:

    u must be retarded

  5. Connor Carfrae:

    «Maybe I shouldn’t do that because I could DIE»

  6. callum flude:

    Seduce Me It was a decent game lol

  7. rabotash:

    Katawa Shoujo is erotica game?

  8. seriousnoob72:

    No, Linus, not Linus, made the Linux kernel!

  9. seriousnoob72:

    Retarded video

  10. Salpeteroxid:

    Are you Swedish? PIPA also means pipe in swedish

  11. Matheez Failing:

    in my country pipe :/

  12. ThoolooExpress:

    This show always trashes the government! I love it!

  13. ThoolooExpress:

    A kindle can be flashed to run vanilla android, without the ads. It is even easier now that most android phones have the same number of buttons as the kindle. The kindle sounds like a great deal if you plan to root it, but not so if you don’t.