Keynote for iPad in 5 Minutes

Sam shows the key features of Keynote 1.6 for iPad (iOS) in 5 minutes. Best watched in full screen 1080p. Please like this video and subscribe to our channel…

[youtube ozxluVBstJ8]

ipad 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. imthetiedyeguy:

    he allready responded to that up there in uploader comments

  2. imthetiedyeguy:

    really -_-

  3. technologetic:

    You can save keynote presentations as a .ppt for a PC, however it messes up a lot of the formatting and transitions. I recommend displaying the Keynote directly off an iPad, or off a Mac if you have the option


  4. tomasbaez92:

    hi buddy, congratulations for ur very nice video, one little question, im thinking to get a ipad and i wanna know if the keynote presentations works on a PC presentation, Greetings from Chile

  5. technologetic:

    The magic of editing ^_^. I sped up the parts where I type.