Unboxing: iPod touch 4G (8GB White)

One year later, it’s time for another iPod touch unboxing. Enjoy! Special Offers: Squarespace — 14-day free trial: http://teksocial.com/squarespace Go Daddy …

[youtube pMK1QhFhQFs]

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комментариев 19

  1. DonoTheGamer2013:

    How much money do you have!!!!!????

  2. Jocelyn R:

    how much did u get the ipod 4?

  3. Jocelyn R:

    me too lol ;)

  4. daisy parada:

    getting 1 tommrow


  5. TechHigh24:

    Mines is 8gb & white-_-…. Sucks because I have to manage wtf I put on it for memory

  6. garren kuykendall:

    I cracked mine and it won’t work I have to save up 300 for a black 32 gb 5th gen

  7. AntKholmesProduction:

    Hey everyone! I just reached 20 subscribers and I’m giving away a free $20 Apple Gift Card! Check out my channel for the video! Thanks for taking your time to read this!

  8. starwars65433:

    i have the 16 gb white i needa restore it i have an incipio

  9. jasmiebcb:

    Never ever get the 8 gb

  10. Brain Gamerz:

    im getting one….Bonnneerrrr

  11. yuviranaamerica:

    Getting one in 12 days so exited 😀

  12. BluePCKid120:

    Get the iPod Touch 5th gen, IT’S MUCH BETTER!!

  13. khayree wells:

    Should I get this our the 5

  14. Vanessa LovesYew:

    That’s what I’m saying! Except not throw away but sell. I’m like bro, I can’t do this ish going around getting new stuff all the time!!!!

  15. Vanessa LovesYew:

    You are SOOOO lucky mines coming in friggin 3 days urggggghh. It’ll take forever.

  16. jaylin hopkins:

    i just orderd one coming on monday todays feb 9 coming on monday so excited


  17. Rick Mundt:

    I got one for Christmas but mine is a 16gb

  18. Danieltseo:

    even in my last comment i wasn’t mad at all, there was no exclamation marks or anything like that. and check my age… young one

  19. Pervert Boye:

    I was referring to your last comment, think before you speak, young one.