Clay sculpting tutorial — Plato’s iPad

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[youtube UaYuyDxlxAw]

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  1. fly4fun:

    Definitely no internet on the iPad while flying. Schedule really varies. 7 to 20 days a month on at my base internationally, but usually around 16 days for most schedules. A mix of 1, 2, 3, and 4 day trips. Google ‘Plane Answers — So you want to be a pilot’ for more.

  2. fly4fun:

    Canon 5D Mark II. Thanks!

  3. fly4fun:

    Jepp TC Pro. Anyone can download a trial from the Apple App Store that includes just a few airports.

  4. fly4fun:

    Well, it didn’t last long. Bumped back to co-pilot as the company moves MD-80s out of NY. Google ‘Cockpit Chronicles A Captain No More’ for the story…

  5. thebassfisher31:

    your a captain now! congrats!

  6. GodAtum:

    very interesting. i use the iPad for flight simming on my PC when piloting the 747 🙂

  7. handsome926:

    what software is it??

  8. ICEGTN:

    Depends what you want to do. If you want to fly a big jet for a big company, go to that company and ask about the requirements, procedures, pros, cons, etc. If you want to fly for fun, go into gliding. If you are rich you can buy yourself even a fighter.

  9. DylanMunce:

    I’m really thinking about becoming a pilot in the future. Do you think you could make a video over why you became a pilot, what it took to become one, and what the pros and cons of being a pilot are? I have always loved aviation, but I’m not sure if being a pilot is all its cracked up to be.

  10. Pietro Montanarella:

    Amazing video! What camera do you use to film? Keep up the great videos!

  11. MichaelDiMatteo1:

    Great! Love your videos! Subscribed! :)

  12. Gilberto Casique:

    Hello fly4fun. My names is Gilberto and I wanted to pursue aviation as a career and I would like to know more about it.. I see that you are a captain, could’ you please tell me about your experience and all your transition until you got where you are right now. I also want to know how a pilot schedule could be like how many days working and how many days off. Do you use your iPad with Internet while you are flying? Anything you could tell me it would really help me and also appreciated it.

  13. NotBen101:

    what if you forgot to charge?

  14. JerdooFlightX:

    So I guess we don’t have to turn off all electronic devices since they are turned on in the cockpit as well 🙂

  15. FS98FSX:

    nice MD80. Got sick of the 757/ 767? if i did the MD80 would be my choice.

  16. 76caliboy:

    Interesting! Thanks Kent

  17. fly4fun:

    Oh, wait! It’s «Plus Hundred.» It lets you know when you’re 100 feet above minimums on the approach. We didn’t have that when I flew the airplane. Slick!

  18. 76caliboy:

    Here’s the video I heard it in, its called 737 GPWS Extended test by STDBYRUD and its right at 40 seconds. Unless it means the same thing as the ‘One Hundred’ call-out. Never knew what it meant. I dont know I might just be losing my mind haha

  19. FSimulated:

    Haha, no problem. Also, check out a post on your wall on your Facebook page, «Cockpit Chronicles.» I’m the one who tagged my YouTube channel in it. 🙂

  20. fly4fun:

    I think you’re hearing the ‘One Hundred’ call-out. We also have a twenty-five hundred, five hundred, fifty, forty, thirty, twenty and ten foot call out from the radio altimeter.