Hey Nation. I love your faces 🙂 Thanks for watching my Tuesday Show *Links and Description type things down below* In today’s show we talk about new Carl’s …

[youtube PtNCIVEUyAg]

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  1. GamePlayer825:

    Google vs Apple technically are not fighting because Google uses Macs but Google uses Android and Apple thinks their phone software is better so the SMARTPHONE battle begins. Not the Chromebook or Mac

  2. Imyname Lame:

    Actually, youtube doesn’t come with ipods or ipads or iphones anymore

  3. a0972521064:


  4. mr1bojangles:

    Who else clicked on this video for the picture..

  5. Ireland264:

    LIGHT-SABERS WIN!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  6. RadioactiveLama:

    No I think this happened to captiansparcklez

  7. matthew zink:

    D: comment removed

  8. WillYouLaugh:

    I have a channel where I do similar stuff on comedy and rants (and even music). I really feel my videos are great and I just need my foot in the door to get the ball rolling. Please check out my channel and I believe you wont be disappointed! Subscribe if you like it, it’d help me out a lot.

  9. TheDarklord0211:

    The whitehouse?

  10. Summer D:

    Oh, wow. Never read Phil’s descriptions too fast— you’ll see «I love your feces» instead of «I love your faces», and it will create lots of confusion….

  11. frank asaz:

    fck ur video and fck yourself

  12. differentandalike:

    What an over the top commercial.

  13. buzworthy1:

    Cock meat sammich commercials Lol

  14. kakashi76767:

    He was mad so he asked for my address so he could beat me up I guess. But the joke is on him — I live at 122 Go Fuck Yourself Avenue!

  15. GettingThereTV:

    i know right!

  16. Meme McCrowell:

    What did the comment say?? T_T

  17. Jackie Wicka:

    my friends always do that at school

  18. Jackie Wicka:

    people are commenting more and more as i watch these closer to current xD

  19. morgan osvold:

    I hope no one looses i cant live wothout apple or google

  20. Eric Kiszely:

    if you don’t ignore each other, light sabers happen…HAHA!!

  21. Ewan McPherson:

    what did the comment say?

  22. naalmy1978:

    When it comes to having power over someone else, then yes corporations will eventually start abusing these «Laws»