Top 5 Best Winterboard Themes — 2013 — iPhone, iPod

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  1. iTwe4kz:

    To not have the icons over the picture on boss.ios or any other theme, you’ll need to download «Gridlock 2.0» or «iBlank». Gridlock is much better in my opinion but costs $4.99, iBlank is free, but may require you to download «No Icon Shadows» to make it look right. Hope this helps!

  2. Jonrs111:

    cheers thanks

  3. David Tran:

    For bossios how do u get the icons under the pic when you are in your IPhone / iPod

  4. iTwe4kz:

    «Auxo» is that app switcher. It’s one of my favorite tweaks! Check it out!

  5. iTwe4kz:

    It’s on my facebook page if you want to download it 🙂 link in the description

  6. Jonrs111:

    What app switcher are you using in this video?

  7. Dylan Peterson:


  8. Adamska156:

    Yes…you need to jailbreak in order to use winterboard

  9. Keith Archibald:

    do u have to jail brake ur iPhone in order to do this ?

  10. eDMGamingOfficial:

    Hey guys can someone give the link to the app? I cannot find the app

  11. DR8KEHD:

    thanks <3

  12. iTwe4kz:

    A lot of people have been asking for this wallpaper so I posted it to Facebook. Link is in the description 🙂

  13. DR8KEHD:

    hey ehm can you give a link to the wallpaper at colorgasm or is it in the theme?

  14. Dragoncobra147:

    paid for themes omg

  15. JiNXPredatorZZ:


  16. luomlds:

    You have poor taste in themes. Ignore this video.

  17. GhettoSmurf187:

    Five Icon Dock or Springtomize.

  18. turbodoom:

    for me the best theme is #elite6.

  19. MegaRsMasta:


  20. tinamusic15:

    whats the tweak where you have 5 icons in the background??

  21. Alec Oberle:

    Zeppelin- look it up and there will be packages

  22. Trisha Reyes:

    Hi! Just wanna ask something. What app do I need to download to change the Carrier name?

  23. Akhtem Er:

    No offense, but there are so many better themes out there in the market!