A88 Fake iPhone Review

How did this run to 14 minutes? This is fan service? THIS IS SPARTA!

[youtube B2tVE7qRLwk]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. dasveit:

    I used to have a chinese iPod copy, was a really good thing and worked about a year for me, could hold around a gig, which is enough if you can copy and delete your music just depending on what you like, the games weren’t bad and well, 20€ for that thing totally payed off.

  2. Campbell Gildersleeve:

    who the fuck ever buys fake items? HAHA

  3. John Trollstin:

    Thats called Sarcasm

  4. Alex Chien:

    Of course you can’t, it’s not made by Apple. Only Apple-made iOS devices work with iTunes.

  5. RandomPrussian1871:

    They have fake iPhones at Area 88?
    No wonder their Fighter planes are so fucking cheap if they license fake iPhones which are sold in parallel Universes.

  6. aravind kv:

    It shows out of memory … Liar .. -__- my grandma has this

  7. Kev Ch:

    That connector looks like one for old lgs phone

  8. Supples517:

    What’s wrong with you…?

  9. lyugiang:

    Still better than an iphone

  10. Nuclearcraftable:

    How thick is dat shit

  11. krath888:

    I can’t sync my a88 with itunes,the back said it could

    Help anyone!

  12. Carnalspoil:

    Funny how it’s the ripoff that has a removable battery, sim card and supports micro SD cards.

  13. DiXie LooL:

    9:45 that’s a romanian song xDD i hate it

  14. mrmtelevision:

    my cheap smart watch has the same game as this

  15. Rylie Brausam:

    I have an iPhone 5, and I have to agree with you on that one. The charger is smaller for no apparent reason, and it’s a bit annoying that I can’t use it with other apple products.

  16. BeetleBungs:

    Sounds like it’d be for a company that sells really cheap porn.

  17. NotDoneGaming:

    I’m glad that apple has improved the iPhone immensely!