iOS 6 | iPhone 5 | Ringtone Tutorial | Make Custom Ringtones from mp3 Songs

This video shows, step by step, how to make custom ringtones for the iPhone 5 with iOS 6, using your own mp3 library. PLEASE NOTE: Profanity Warning. ~~If yo…

[youtube MzznjHdBRL4]

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  1. Bec W:

    I had the same question as you until I realized the only difference is that we dont have a tab on our left hand side to select our device. For Windows I found after you get the tone into your tone section, eject your iphone from your computer. Then plug it back in and let it sync and it will pull the file for you. (At least that is what worked for me and trust me I tested it 10 times to make sure it worked.)

  2. Danniow:

    YOU sir, did me a huge favor!

  3. elainaxmarie:

    Trying to do this on windows it does not work when I try to change the file names

  4. dschneider799:

    Thank you !! I got it worked out mostly from your help but the new files never go into the TONES folder on phone just by sync. Had to move them manually but it finally allowed me to do that. Its all a royal pain in the ass thanks to Apple.
    Do you have any ideas on extracting native ringtones from a BlackBerry? Can’t send them Bluetooth and can’t see them in Finder. Most are already .m4a files so it would be easy to move them if I could just get to them.

  5. brandon0409:

    There is a pause button. I was just trying to get through all the steps. However. Visit my blog (link is in the show notes). That gives full step by step instruction on how to do it everything.

  6. brandon0409:

    Go to my blog. The instruction for setting your finder how I have them is there.

  7. brandon0409:

    no. But it’s pretty much the same.

  8. Bobski Suave:

    No problem. just buy an android and drag and drop your mp3 file to media folder and your set.

  9. dschneider799:

    You abviously are using FInder I can see now but what are your Finder settings?

  10. dschneider799:

    Chris is right…..too fast on the screen…. are you moving things in Finder or on iTunes? Took me a while looking for lists and folders on iTunes to see that you are using Finder for most of the manipulation. The result was great but the details were sorely lacking….. sorry but that’s the way I see it and I have watched your video several times stopping all the time to try to catch up on my Mac and I’m still not half way there

  11. Reeves S:

    I can;t get the m43 either… help ;(

  12. Ruta Nadeznikova:

    It’s working if the MP3 file is not too long.
    An easier way is to use, which also allows to cut the file

  13. ShrimpWin:

    I really appreciate this video. I don’t understand why you need to jump through so many hoops to add a custom ringtone.

    *If you are having troubles converting the file to.m4r on Windows 7 try this:

    1) Go to the start menu and open up a folder (ie: my computer)
    2) Press alt and click on tools at the top
    3) Go to folder options, then view
    4) Uncheck «Hide extensions for known file types»
    5) Hit apply and OK
    6) Now you can change file extensions from .m4a to .m4r