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This Every Third Thursday we celebrate Jobs in Snowboarding! No, not our employment, but the man who inspired and built products that almost every snowboarde…

[youtube j2RjSFSWc8s]

ipad 7

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  1. TaurenonaSnowboard:

    If not the base, why not have an aluminum core? Burton did it years ago on the T6 & T7 and ut seemed to work great.

  2. GREENgermbubble:

    @Nicolas Andrade

  3. GREENgermbubble:


  4. Caohu09:

    I think you guys could use the solar power for the lights now :3

  5. ErnestsKrafts14:

    I want it.

  6. 207Snowboarding:

    Baseball, football, or basketball board. Use the skin as a board that would be sick

  7. gavwa08:

    Thanks heaps for the reply. You guys must be one of the only manufacturers to be on youtube answering questions like this. This series looks like a lot of fun to make, keep up the awesome work.

  8. Derek Grad:

    hey u guys should add the songs that u play in ur vids cuz they’re sweet

  9. SignalSnowboard:

    Alright, let’s see if we can answer all of these! The overall board flex was super stiff. So when the board flexed, the aluminum base wasn’t bending that much. This allowed the base to stay true to its original camber. The aluminum was super fast once it started moving, but very sluggish at slow speeds. We definitely have not considered using aluminum as the base.

  10. gavwa08:

    How did the aluminium base go with cold bending? Did it fatigue really quick? It seemed to be a pretty quick base in the video. Did it perform well enough that you would consider it as a base for other boards, probably with a proper steel edge though as aluminium is pretty soft. Did you structure the base?

  11. SignalSnowboard:

    management @ signalsnowboards. com

  12. aaliyah calliou:

    your email.i got a good idea.

  13. MrZexz:

    Just because YOU dont see what the iPad can be used to dosent mean others dont. Stop being ignorant…

  14. milkcheese3:

    combine this with the solar power board

  15. K Rub:

    Hey if anyone wants to see some snowboarding check out my channel thanks everyone for all the support. : )

  16. Matt Kretschmer:

    working for you guys would be the best

  17. Corey A:

    Make a board with colored lights around the board so at night it seems as if you are floating above the snow

  18. Joseph Wang:

    Ahahahaha I’ve been to loveland

  19. Wiktor Styrylski-Pałka:

    It would be even more awesome if you would ride it at night, all those shiny parts would just make everybody around look at you all the time.

  20. MegaKurmet:

    good work guys get out the turning kink and i would totally buy this product

  21. baseballminecrafter:

    I have an idea for you guys, you should make a youtube board with a monitor in it

  22. TheMuffinManDruryLn:

    Actually It’s more likely to break if it’s ON the board.
    Get you muffins straight!

  23. daco420:

    You guys should mix your solar board with something like this