iPad Mini 16gb White Giveaway

iPad Mini 16gb White Giveaway, To enter: Subscribe Like and favourite Like all my videos COMMENT!

[youtube Z2-vv3qsZvQ]

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комментариев 13

  1. Ultimategoldenike:

    I hope I win

  2. jackson seymour:

    Can I please have it I have never had one before it would be my dream to have one and I subscribed to you

  3. Harooney9:

    sick bro

  4. MRopticLEGEND:

    Uploading the winner!

  5. Ultimategoldenike:

    I want Ipad

  6. Raven Lundang:

    sir please pick me I really really need this gadget but I dont have money to buy it if you pick me I would certainly use it for my production film and everytime we create a film you always have credits at the end. Thanks 🙂 and Godbless

  7. MRopticLEGEND:

    Having problems with making the winner video, as soon as its fixed ill upload it! Sorry for the delay! And also more giveaways are coming!

  8. Aisha Khan:



    ipad mini!! this would be great

  10. Och0a16:

    i want the ipad mini 🙂

  11. HeIIsB3lls:

    hope i win :0

  12. Am3rIca16:

    i want this ipad i dont have a apple product

  13. kiralexpao:

    i want to win cause all the kinds got apple products but me :(