How to make a Crochet Cell Phone Pouch for Droid — Iphone

Written Instructions Crochet Flat Pouch Droid — Iphone Teaching the world to crochet, one stitc…

[youtube Y9Ew6j2ivac]

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  1. Crochet Geek:

    I will keep this one in mind as a remake.

  2. Alexis Martin:

    Can you please do it again with slow motion so I can understand it… I did do that with this video but it was messed up I think I was do it wrong way. Can you please?

  3. Jeannine Niño:

    Hi Teresa thanks for the tutorial, I have a question, when I finish the first row of the star stich of 7 I dont know if the row is complete or is complete when are 14 for row, or is side by side please help me than you

  4. MNbiznis:

    It would be a shame for you not to build strength when these other people build strength easily with Mega Muscle Method (go google it).

  5. Crochet Geek:

    Thank you very much. I appreciate your support.

  6. Priyanka Prakash:

    I love u Teresa… ur instructions r sooo clear… 🙂

  7. Crochet Geek:

    I am thrilled you found it useful for a beginner.

  8. Bushra Ali:

    Wow! It says not for beginners but as a beginner i found your video amazing. Well explained.

  9. heshikasweety:

    its very useful to me, i’ii try it.

  10. Crochet Geek:

    It sounds like there may be a reduction in stitches on each round. What I suggest is to count so you don’t lose stitches.

  11. artisticme2010:

    For some reason, my width was a lot smaller starting the 3rd row too (as someone else mentioned below as well). Because of this, I can’t get 14 start stitches all the way around and it gets really snug. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Crochet Geek:

    Now you can learn for free. If you have questions, ask anything. All the beginner tutorials are listed in a playlist on my channel. 


    i want to crochet for the longest but i can’t because noone would teach me

  14. elizabeth armstrong:

    Muchas gracias Teresa. Este sera muy buen regalo de navidad.

  15. Joline Yap:

    I was able to follow as well but I had some mistake, the width was smaller from 3rd rows, anyway, can you please do slow motion when you start a new part? Thanks so much for your clip

  16. ritlagaboma:

    Dear colleague, i am glad to be here on your page!
    Congrats for the tutorial!

  17. Mechanicarts:

    I had given up crochetting (I used to comment on older videos of yours) but I desperately need a tobacco pouch, so I winded up looking through your videos…wow I hope I can make it, I forgot most of what I used to know.

  18. zhearleen24:

    Already made 3 of this… Just love it… Thank you so much…

  19. maryo myat:

    can you make a Pouch for my Calculator

  20. trinil hidayati:

    It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these people bulk up so easily using «MAD Ripped Muscle» (Google it).

  21. Francesca Calentini:

    Wow this is simply lovely!!! I’m just a beginner but I will try it… Thanks so much for the tutorial Teresa! 🙂

  22. Ken Nguyen:

    me too :))