How to Charge an iPod using electrolytes and an onion

In this episode we show you how to charge your iPod (or other mp3 player) for up to 20 minutes using electrolytes derived from Gatorade or Powerade which are…

[youtube GfPJeDssBOM]

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  1. Dawson Jack:

    it didn’t work for me i was using a touch would it still work?

  2. BobbyJoeMonkeyShow:

    guys guys guys, your being dumbasses nobody reads the despription box thesedays at the bottom he says *this is a parody*

  3. andrew fladif:

    wire goes into the random , unnecessary black box and an actual charger comes up the the black box all under the the ipod

  4. johannesbyske:

    I want a potato 🙁

  5. N0nes100:

    this video was on mythbusters right?

  6. 1Natasya:

    I must have had to much to drink… right? It ís almost 1 a.m and I’m on my 3rd pint. or 4th… 😛

  7. 2012GT500Supersnake:

    wow… this was made in 2007 seven thats (holds up hand) this many years before gta IV

  8. TheImpersinators:

    Been Myth busted! I call bullshit!

  9. purplepenguins88:

    Me into other vids that he makes, I love quick and simple life hacks

  10. purplepenguins88:

    This is the first video I watched from HHH, in 2010. I am now a subscriber because this go t

  11. Wolide Yessuf:

    Can you use an I pad

  12. Shan Khinda:

    Your dick is small enough to get stuck in a cheerio?

  13. iiRonics:

    xD but what if their chargers get messed up??

  14. lolypopboy777:

    shhhhhhh! dont say that! they might try it 😛

  15. iiRonics:

    30,530 dumb ppl automatically liked this vid. and 5929 smart ppl actually read the description..!

  16. ErogsWorld:

    I believe so.

  17. Najib Hanif:

    look in the description people…it’s a parody

  18. acange167:

    Guys this comment has nothing to do with the video so stop reading it it is spam

  19. Raid Baquee:


  20. Sparkle Pants:

    thats a yellow onion…..

  21. HappyGirls495:

    Have u guys tried it?

  22. the1999boys:

    When the zombie apocolypse happens ill still have my video games!,!

  23. skylar smith: