Siri, Talk Dirty To Me. (iPhone 4S)

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[youtube sKxOdWlalQY]

iphone 6

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комментариев 19

  1. michaela herbert:

    Dang you are so funny!(and cute) 🙂

  2. Sidnee Robinson:

    He’s funny.

  3. Tania DaSilva:

    Lmao I asked her guess what and she said you were elected prime minister of Canada?

  4. irfan danial:

    Ya he’s just really funny

  5. loganp494:

    Sorry I can’t look for places in Canada

    And I say wut

  6. omar ayman:

    awesome video

  7. Mihai Jeg:

    Are you gay?

  8. basherxone:

    I don’t have the iphone 🙁 HTC evo

  9. nitroz2002:

    you need more subs


    What about my «Gay?»

  11. technopro18:

    siri can u go out from the iphone 4s/5

  12. Eve Lam:

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  13. Georgea Chan:

    Siri likes Hetalia.

  14. A VZ:

    If you’re going to pluck your guybrows, at least don’t pluck above them. Only under.

  15. pama arjo:


  16. Ronalee Stone:

    46 he looks constipated

  17. Ronalee Stone:

    Pause at 2:

  18. Indra Rodies:

    your laugh makes me very happy inside 

  19. thepokekingmaster132:

    adult justin bieber