iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S

In this video we compare the new iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 has the new A6 dual-core 1GHz Apple CPU with 1GB of RAM, while the iPhone 4S has a…

[youtube OmTBV9H7dbA]

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комментарий 21

  1. Hr Medo:

    Thank you for this information, but you made ​​a mistake in some of your information for the iPhone 5 Thank you ..I am from Egypt and I thank you for this

  2. EpicWN:

    yes you are TRUE

  3. Patriik23:

    Fuk apple

  4. Ivan6235:

    change discription A6 in iphone 5 is 1.3Ghz

  5. scottencandy:

    It sometimes go slower beacause u have stuff downloaded and it makes it slower and you had the stuff open so yeah think about that

  6. Kashadra ugata:

    great stuff!

  7. raulby12:

    Iphone 5 its the winner

  8. Peng Joon Chan:

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  9. Atharva Tungatkar:

    iPhone 5
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  10. xXDevilsXcryXx95:

    dont bash the iphone …
    it has the best build quality than the rest of the phones … «equal to HTC One in my opinion»
    and their OS is well optimized to work with the phone making it faster than all of the phones out there …
    just dont bash it ^^ … and really ? sony xperia ? xD it has a friggen cheap screen protector glued to the screen .. LOL

  11. shark bait:

    I personally like the iPhone 4S

  12. claypool0:

    get the htc one or the s4, they are the best phones right now. iphone is even close to the top 10.

  13. claypool0:

    Iphone 5 is not even close to teh best phone out. its not 2008 , there are so many better phones now. The htc one, the galaxy s4, the galaxy note 2, the oppo 4, sony xperia, razr hd maxx…..iphone is way down the list.

  14. claypool0:

    The 2 best phones are the htc one and the galaxy s4. Its not 2009 anymore there are around 20 phones that are 1-2 years ahead of iphone now.

  15. claypool0:

    there are so many better phones that cost the same or less. get the htc one or the galaxy s4.

  16. claypool0:

    htc one one is way better than both of them.

  17. claypool0:

    get the htc one or the galaxy s4.

  18. claypool0:

    5 woudl be amazing if it was 2009. But now every other company has a phone 2 years ahead of iphone 5.  its a joke and so is its price.

  19. claypool0:

    iphone is not even close to the best. Its not even just galaxy that is better. Every company now makes a better phone than iphone. its not 2008 anymore. there is the htc one, nexus 4, the oppo 5, sony xperia, galaxy s4, galaxy note 2…etc

  20. claypool0:

    why wait on rumors, Android phones are already 2 years ahead and cheaper. Just get the better phone today and not wait for apple.

  21. claypool0:

    whats the difference they are both really bad compared to other phones.