Drunken Banned iPad Promo

apple designers drunkenly discuss the iPad. written and directed by John Elerick twitter: http://twitter.com/johnelerick facebook: http://tinyurl.com/brhkb6…

[youtube a-J1g9i4NUQ]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. olimakiella:

    lmao iCubes….

  2. Andrew Nibbi:

    You should do your rants drunk.

  3. Andrew Nibbi:

    I watched this on an iPad

  4. Terrakinetic:

    And that’s why they are down 70 points 1/24/2013

  5. Werner1569:

    i think its funny that these banned promos make me want to get it more than the real promos

  6. felixm682:

    icubes that’s a great idea

  7. Andrew Nibbi:

    Funnier when drunk.

  8. mgrimes554:


  9. simon199418:

    people are going to buy it because we said to buy it and we made a nice promo, so true

  10. omardude9:

    icubes would sell more than the average icecubes, cuz theres an I!

  11. Akash bhardwaj:


  12. Ben Dover:

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  13. Davy Ker:

    The ones towards the end were so funny, when they were actually drunk! xD

  14. billyfun4:

    Get the app app trailers use my special referral code ‘billyfun4’ NO SCAM

  15. billyfun4:


  16. phillips1012:

    and the camera

  17. shahen1212:

    love roger

  18. FilipeBal:

    poor guy your wife left you