How to Setup an Android & Apple Ecosystem

In this video, I show you how I setup MY Android & Apple ecosystem. I used to think that for an ecosystem to work, you HAD to have all of one product, like a…

[youtube VGCq9P9KBqM]

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  1. robo1p:

    Custom built PC, HP ProBook 4540s, Nexus 4, iPad 3

  2. thegeek664:

    Omg dude i love the Ecosystem that you have

  3. immamillionair88:

    Expensive ass PC, IMac, 15 inch macbook pro, nexus ten. I don’t need no ecosystem.

  4. TheOnlyGHOST1015:

    Lol hit that daily

  5. Michael Lund:

    Use google for everything accept google drive I use skydrive

  6. supersmockey:

    Gateway PC, iPad, android

  7. Dazidan:

    PC, iPad, Android.

  8. 3fo5:

    iMac, iPad, and Android Phone

  9. 3fo5:

    Funny as Video.

  10. Van Fitzgerald:

    I am a hardcore mac user. Everything I have is a mac product but I have been disappointed with the iPhone 5 not keeping up with innovations that other phones, namely in this case Samsung Note II have. I am also a google user for all of my mail, calendar etc. My question is how does the note II work with iOS as far as music, pictures and other media? Thanks Lamarr.

  11. Thevakumar Sathananthan:

    Funny as shit

  12. mustafa ajaib:

    Iphone 5 ipad mini mac book pro i mac ipad 4 and ipod 4 and 5 g

  13. Smurfy Murfy:

    Mac Computer
    Blackberry Tablet
    Android Phone
    Im Colourful 😉

  14. walter peggs:


  15. Stjepan Brkić:

    yes he does.

  16. Ken Sistoso:

    android for my phone, windows for every piece of computer here at home….

    i am a kaizoku… LOL

  17. ayouthwellspent:

    That Note II is far too big for your teeny hands Lamarr…

  18. evolutionpr:

    lol i remember in that one vid you had ‘ HTC One X Made me Cry ‘.. you were all like ‘ STOP BEING A DUAL CORE, STOP IT. ‘

  19. Zacibee:

    Do you have an ipad mini?

  20. r0y02:

    i wonder what that guy said… you kicked his ass so bad that his comment is now gone :-C

  21. pt5467:

    That’s not through