Chilla Frilla — iPhone 4 Unboxing and Review

My Complete High Definition Unboxing and Review video of the new Apple iPhone 4! The iPhone 4 features a new 960 x 640 display, custom A4 processor, front fa…

[youtube yuTgEfsGOXA]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 13

  1. Adonis Blackmon:

    Rip chilla bro

  2. reannah7:

    I have a iPhone 5

  3. XxDiNoSoUrxX1:

    the only difference between the I phone and 4 is that the I phone 5 have sirri and its slimer and like a second faster is it really worth bying an Iphone5?

  4. thesandycane noneya:

    i get an iPhone 4 tomorrow

  5. yourfavoritemasrtian:

    its the same thing js except the iPhone 5 is a little bigger and the cameras a little better personally I don’t use the camera so I don’t care

  6. hassanfreek185:

    you mean 2013

  7. mercedes louisa:

    your thumbs are really weird. :/ 

  8. MrWenda51:

    Thumbs up if your watching on 2013

  9. Wifiher Mastaa:

    Download from here wifi hack , u get your neighbors wifi password /watch?v=D-Wj0Vy7YxA

  10. Ahmed - Metin Osmanković:

    LOL, can you give me money? hahah

  11. MrKobeshow:

    iPhone 4 is terrible iPhone 5 is where it’s at

  12. CookiesAndCreme1000:

    You should have mailed him in private never give you’re address on the internet

  13. CookiesAndCreme1000:

    I like the iphone 4s better though