iOS 6: Clock App

Retweet: Name: iOS 6: Clock App Description: Finally, the iPad get a Clock App with iOS 6. Check out our video as we break down…

[youtube pye0iwkaa_E]

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  1. MajoritiesOfGames:

    didnt they buy it for 25million?

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  3. Miltersen:


  4. Eric terzo:


  5. moussa haidous:


  6. Ios BD:

     YES u add Tel Aviv :))))))))))

  7. iOSRider4983:

    What’s is great feature in here is that


  8. fandresglez:

    when jailbrake iphone 4s ios 6 ????????? whennnnn….

  9. bujassim84:

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  10. abisekh subedi:

    OH my god unbelievable ,buy an ipad get clocks free !

  11. Forcedreconlogic:

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  12. Francisco Perez Fraticelli:

    Really!! A lot of time to make a fucking clock?

  13. byzcath:

    Unfortunately I found out you can’t add a clock for just anywhere: I tried to add Nashville (TN) and couldn’t. Does it just have one city per time zone?