1000fps Super Slow Mo on iPhone (SloPro tutorial)

The app Slow Pro has come out with an update so that the app shoots video in 1000fps! THIS IS CRAZY! It works surprisingly well for an iPhone. I’m seriously …

[youtube t9oBPTdyfJw]

iphone 6

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  1. Mislav Pecnik:

    I have problems in super slow mo (1000 fps)Couse everything looks very dimly.What would u recomand to me?

  2. XTheXAverageXGamersX:

    looks like twixtor

  3. ZombieSlayer1533:

    No :(

  4. Przemyk86:


  5. Przemyk86:

    Can i download it on a.droid device

  6. ClanFaDeGaming:

    HERE’S THE BET WAY TO USE IT!!! RECORD WITH A NICE CAMERA (gopro’s at 60 fps) then email it to yourself, and u can download it from ur iPhones email and put it in your camera roll then edit it, IT WORKS

  7. Angel Reyes:

    really pretty eyes

  8. 113099drew:

    Its called Optical Flow… Not 1000fps

  9. totizedger:

    I have the same problem as sedargo i cant use optical flow because it blinks in red all other modes works fine

  10. Maxim Teleguz:

    you can see where it is being blended, this is bs…

  11. Sedargo:

    I have an annoying red blinking during playback whenever I try to render in »Optical Flow» Do you know how to fix it?

  12. Sedargo:

    Please tell me how to remove red frames during 100FPS shots!

  13. Mates1500:

    It’s kind of cool, but theoretically, it’s BS. The iPhone camera is limited to 30 FPS, an app cannot make it more, it just slows down the video, and blends the frames together so it looks more smooth, but it’s still very visible, that it’s not over 30 FPS on the video nonetheless.
    That would be like trying to make a good quality MP3 out of a 64kbps file, it’s just impossible. Or improving the quality of a bad looking image.

  14. Agusmegaman:

    She australian