Google Nexus 10 vs Apple iPad 4

For more details, check out our web site: PhoneArena presents a Google Nexus 10 vs Apple iPad 4 comparison video. This is really t…

[youtube lKvMhM2A5NY]

ipod 10

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  1. disposableproduction:

    and the lag he’s talking about doesnt appear in this video, in fact the nexus 10 appears to respond faster in his swiping test. So another ifanboy «we love apple» fest disguised as an impartial review….for petes sake apple wins at the whos buttons are better…seriously. How many times can you alter the criteria of which is the better one so that apple wins can you do before you have to realize that your fooling yourself and that you’ve been beaten

  2. disposableproduction:

    I love it Google Nexus 10 beats the ipad, but most of it is still this guy saying what basically amounts to were going to give it to apple because they’re apple

  3. MAp4chito:

    Ipad 4 is the best

  4. Burning rose Aroura:

    Nexus and android rule

  5. Thefunkadelicshow:

    Also I hated apple until I got my iPad 4+4G. Now it’s the most best electronic device I own!

  6. Thefunkadelicshow:

    I have an ipad4 I love it!

  7. UbuntuXII:

    Mind that Google Nexus 10 is far from the camera and the angle of viewing is wider than for the iPad. maybe that’s the reason

  8. CreatineMax:

    No it isn’t …

  9. henry fog:

    lovely review!

    @dude999, it might be you’re ipad, if you look at other comparisons between new ipad and ipad 4 the new one looks much brighter.

    @andersss as far as I got my iPad 4 for free, I can’t complain:) Just Google for: AshtriadaGiveawayCom

    I’m typing using my iPad 4 right now 😉

  10. quest8899:

    the ipad is more reliable 

  11. jacobthalfman:

    Jesus Christ just buy a nexus

  12. ALEXTER8943:

    I think the brighter display on the iPad video playing is much better

  13. ybrtheoyefeso:

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  14. proconsulaugustus:

    I don’t give a shit. As long as the tablet doesn’t lag and isn’t choppy. I don’t care about bright colors…but if I have to wait 5 seconds to open the browser, I get pissed off. Faster, faster, faster, that’s all I care about.

  15. proconsulaugustus:

    Interesting. What do you mean by that?…. Jailbreaking it turns it into the device it should be?

  16. proconsulaugustus:

    Thanks for the speed talking contest. All you tablet «pros» do the same thing. Talk a mile a minute. Just slow down and show us the interface, how smooth it is, how practical it is to use for every day. We don’t need speed reading about the megapixels bla bla. Thanks for the effort but its just fucking annoying the way you describe it. We get it, you’re an expert. Start from what the average user would find most important..battery life, display, sound, camera…then describe the rest.

  17. seriousgoat76:


  18. shalon quimis:

    @DRSnoopydoopy it depends. I’m happy with mine, got my iPad 4 for Free, so I don’t really care;) simply google: AshtriadaGiveawayCom

    still works awesome!

  19. Everette Henry:

    They started using my phones when they were 3. The reason I got them Nexus 7’s is due to the fact they is plenty of educational things on there for them, books, games, drawing etc. I could say why do people go out and spend 1000+ on a play set for there kids when they could just take them to a playground? I have always been a techie and my kids enjoy it as well. To each there own.

  20. SeventhChaos:

    Well then just jailbreak it, if you know what you’re doing you won’t get errors, it turns into the device it should be.

  21. Joshua Watson:

    What the hell does a five year old need a nexus 7 for? And why does a 3 year old need a phone?