How to Bypass IOS 6.0/6.1.1 Passcode Lock and View IPhone

How to Bypass IOS 6.1.3 Passcode Lock On All iDevices : How to Bypass IOS 6.0/6.1.1 Passcode Lock…

[youtube HV4nRajEhlM]

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  1. K0K4NE:

    Suddenly 1000’s of calls to 911 block real emergency calls, well done asshole

  2. garde2k10:

    my power off button reacts slow and sometimes doesnt react so i cnat do this. i have my phone jailbroken and i have recognise me app that will recognise me but its off atm is it possible to turn it on with my ipad or with i funbox help. the effort of restoriong

  3. Noah Quichocho:

    Yeah,that same thing happened to me. But I figured it was the timing. See how he waits a split second before he starts counting. So you press it and wait for 3 and a split second.

  4. Leah Holmes:

    Mine just goes blank tried to different ways don’t work why I’m on a 4s??

  5. Leah Holmes:

    Yes there is one for iOS 6.1.3

  6. Lander Pereira Fernandes:


  7. EverythingApplesPro:

    their is a passcode bypass for IOS 6.1.3

  8. nhungcuong78:


  9. Tsz Yan Ngan:

    911 will be so busy LoL

  10. gigelfranaru:

    «this was a lot of work» :)))))

  11. Jack Kari:

    How did you make your lock screen like that

  12. FruitSmoothie54:

    Wow. Nice passcode!

  13. Noah Riggs:

    It wont work if you guys get IOS 6.1.3. I just saw it today. It said » Fixed Bug that allowed people to bypass pass code and get to phone»