Turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone

Download TextNow — http://bit.ly/cNR76N In this video I will show you how to turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone with TextNow. This app will allow you to mak…

[youtube qR25dTIT1dg]

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комментариев 15

  1. Johnny Robin:

    Or.. Just use pinger or talkatone

  2. Alicia Fraser:

    kik is better

  3. Sam Sweeney:


  4. Mo Money Mo Problems:


  5. amber mills:

    its just like the pinger ex app 

  6. kanecvl:

    I’m on my iPhone 5

  7. Kirsten LaMura:

    No I did not

  8. Eric Mora:

    vonage moblie better

  9. Bagus Arifianto:

    you are correct, this is really fantastic. Listen, it’s way easier than i thought do a few surveys and boom a few $100 extra in your bank every week. i found it here: bit.ly/XYdXLH?=fpovu

  10. Caleb Brown:

    I have text new

  11. TheMassacre2001:

    Text+ is better you can call

  12. michael ribeiro:

    @Daniel Hong u need wifi

  13. michael ribeiro:

    U can also call why doesent anyone notice that but there is a Better one called text+ and also let’s u call and text

  14. Madhav Beckham:

    i cant find it in app store

  15. Daniel Hong:

    can u call somewhere else like do u need wifi