Introducing the new iPhone PART 2

Steve Jobs announcing the new iPhone. APPLE REINVENTS THE PHONE! it will be released on june 2007 in the u.s. 4gb model — 9 8gb model — 9.

[youtube R09xOG9-3Q8]

iphone 6

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  1. Gursimran Bedi:

    I am positively sure that there were multi-touch phone before the iphone. And I am sure that there were 3.5 MP cameras on phone before iPhone

  2. Gloryofwar1:

    Thumbs up if u saw my chemical romance 😀

  3. kapsali2:

    it has 2 megapixels camera built in -> APLAUSE

  4. Branton Guzman:


  5. Chris Reed:

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  6. Ahmed Hamdy:

    «its really thin» he didnt know what his company would look like in 6-7 years…RIP

  7. Ahmed Hamdy:

    he was a hippie

  8. xxTheDoorsFanxx:

    Steve has four Green Day albums in his library… never though he’d like Green Day? lol

  9. hussein677:

    RIP steve we will never forget you

  10. Leanna Little:

    this is great.
    im sure steve is proud of how far the iphone is now
    we are already at iphone 5
    r.i.p steve

  11. Leanna Little:

    its because it was so new then they did not really know about anything so they were excited. something happening the first time of coarse there gonna cheer,there excited

  12. Dennis Reaper Lui:

    «It’s really thin, at 11.6 mm.»

    Thanks to that, we now have 7mm. X)