Some Girl Destroyed My iPhone

fucking bitch. now i have to get a new one and it’s going to suck.

[youtube eh_8OuH4PF4]

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  1. Edgar Harrison:


  2. RosesInHeaven:

    I’m pissed! Look at all those groceries… I’m pissed!

  3. Aiza Butt:

    I would beat the f**k of that ratchet ass girl!

  4. yearorey2:

    Haha kingdomcom :p love how she used that word

  5. Aldana Aranda:

    @emjziee Yeah bro this site is just sending out comletely free White Apple new iPad’s for today only. But you have to be from the U.S though but it is all real, I claimed mine just before. Better hurry up!

  6. MissCherryCherry BoomBoom:

    What a scabby sket, why is she breaking peoples phone? I would have cracked her one.

  7. Angel Ivanov:

    I would’ve killed the bitch.

  8. Kent Vallecer:

    thaats eyeliner

  9. ImTryingToFindNemo:


  10. ecgirlrox:

    is that black eye just left over makeup ??????????

  11. Lina Castle:

    They got the iPhone open! Like, back off… Wow, must have been some throw

  12. shainashaina123:

    She says she didn’t fight but she has a black eye??

  13. jaspermandotme:

    2:36 yea i remeber that story of a star stelling your phone

  14. Roman Svengali:

    …. i like puppies tooo….

  15. Ivy B:

    Poor u