Steve Jobs: Resurrection (iPhone 5 Parody)

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[youtube GXr1kmuqGcU]

iphone 6

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 23

  1. jorge200029:

    LIKE si vienes por Alfalta 🙂

  2. OriginalPepemania:


  3. Sub-zero marine:

    That Steve was hero poor!! 🙁 ;( (crying)

  4. FaSTeXTV:

    Good men Die fast 😐

  5. Ethan Bradshaw:

    my ipone 5 was crying becuse steve died now wes happy

  6. TheDougtechcrew:

    I love all devices wether they are the Mac Pro to the Asus eeEee PC or the iPhone 2G to the HTC J Butterfly. :)

  7. chane cano:

    Cant stop laughing (x

  8. swildens123:

    tupac hahahahaaahahahahaha fucking genius!

  9. swildens123:

    i buyd on because. of this video xd

  10. SirxLaxus:

    remix is better

  11. supersherpa2011:

    i don´t know why i now want a mac

  12. Endymion777777:

    @MrEatmy Want a Cookie?

  13. pedro higin:


  14. MrEatmy:

    My Galaxy S4 is way far ahead from Iphone 5 and by the way I’m running Windows on my imac since Lion OS came out

  15. Ulti737fs:

    If only Steve was still alive :(

  16. Jordan Dawkins:

    is that rick ross

  17. brandon marques:

    Galaxy s3 way better that piece of shit iPhone

  18. theratedrtransformer:

    i use a windows computer is nice but compered to apple windows sucks

  19. theratedrtransformer:

    fuck you bill gates apple wins

  20. Spoder Man:

    My nexus bites ass’s

  21. LeoYoshi54321:


  22. Ethan Bradshaw:

    mine to stop crying

  23. TheOffensive911:

    The black guy is epic!