The Rumjacks — An Irish Pub Song

An Irish Pub Song is the 2nd «single» of The Rumjacks debut album ‘Gangs Of New Holland’. It is a piss take at the explosion of Irish Pubs in Australia and t…

[youtube tDTQQWSmo8s]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 23

  1. cody fowler:

    i love this Irish song its so cool

  2. p hansen:


  3. dogstilez:

    I am going to assume you and everyone who thumbed you up is American, because even in Ireland the police will stop you, they’ll just beat the shit out of you first depending on their mood.

  4. ECW1865:

    Great song makes me want to go to an Irish Pub.

  5. marioriospinot:


  6. ILookAlikeMe:

    Used to be like that in denmark, but not anymore unfortunately.

  7. budzin303:

    Damn it I already hit the like button.

  8. gomez78721mag91:

    Gangsta shit. Lots of love from Texas

  9. vnjxk1000:

    oh ok
    thank you 🙂

  10. KvaSSification:

    That doesn`t works in Poland

  11. yellowburger:

    is that robert dinero?

  12. Chevalier DO:

    ♪♫•*•●✿⊱LA MORT DE MADAME THATCHER♪♫•*•●✿⊱
    «Je suis désolé de le dire, mais c’est une bonne nouvelle !»
    elle restera associée «à Bobby Sands, qu’elle a laissé crever dans les Prisons anglaise «.Les grévistes de la faim de l’IRA provisoire en 1981
    c’est un jours de Fête pour le PEUPLE irlandais du Nord .
    ,que le diable l’accueil ,au paradis des dictateurs ,avec son copain Pinochet !
    Tout les 9 Avril sera consideré comme un jours de Fête pour les enfants de l’irlande ♪♫•*•●✿⊱

  13. StephenJNettles:

    Maybe I should. There’s an old video somewhere on another account of me playing when I first started (like 2 weeks of learning) but it sucks ha ha. I wouldn’t mind throwing a few things up here. Maybe I can get my trio to record a few videos of some jigs or reels with me. That would be fun!

  14. Krzysztof Jankowski:

    Fortunately not

  15. dontforgetyertowel:

    cool, you should post some of your whistle playing

  16. declenn:

    I know right.. hahaha

  17. StephenJNettles:

    I’ve been playing tin whistle for about 5 years now and play it at my college as well as in my Celtic Trio. I’ve spent a lot of time (way too much really) researching and testing different whistles to find the ones I like. (I still have so many more I want to try). Its gotten to the point where I can recognize most of the main brands just by like. The blue fipple (mouth piece) and nickle body, as well as the label. All look like a generation whistle. Which is one of the most popular brands.

  18. dontforgetyertowel:

    how the hell do you know that it’s a Generation whistle?
    *tone not confrontational, but in wonder*

  19. StephenJNettles:

    Its a Tin Whistle not a recorder. Can you read music? If not its going to be easier for you to learn this by copying what you hear. Also I think this song is played on a D whistle (I could be wrong thats just from listening not playing) and most recorders are in C. You could get a D recorder very inexpensively. The one he’s playing here is a Generation whistle and they sell for less than 20 bucks normally.

  20. TheRocker1018:

    Trust me. Not «in Europe»…

  21. bobojangles22:

    everytime i here this my thoughts always end up having an irish accent

  22. Luis Salgado Sepulveda:

    No hay nada mejor que escuchar este tema acompañado de una buena cerveza…

  23. UvijekGladni86:

    Greetings from Croatia,our Catholic brothers! God bless Ireland!