Rodrigo y Gabriela — ‘Tamacun’

[youtube l-qgum7hFXk]

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  1. MecoJoeyRamone:

    from experience i can tell you that the only study in guitar is 1 month when you learn the basics all the other stuff can be easily learned on internet and to play like that it would be like 2 years practising everyday no matter the talent only the time you take on it 🙂

  2. jedcsh1:

    I bet they fuck to their own music

  3. ekloki:

    i cry …. my god, i like that, i love that talent

  4. uinbob:

    so got me!!!!!

  5. David Quigg:

    Saw them support Muse at Wembley Stadium. Incredible. So many people just watching in awe.

  6. Matthew Erickson:

    I agree completely… but she probably does «give some wank».

  7. B4H4:

    don’t blame him, he’s trying to be top commentor.

  8. AadneF:

    Mr. White?

  9. Maxyearning:

    God bless those hands

  10. Charlie Dyell:


  11. Lucian Ionita:

    Nah, I saw Breaking Bad before I knew about Rod y Gab, so I was genuinely curious. Why would I test a random person on youtube on his Breaking Bad knowledge? 🙂

  12. BKxRandomz:

    The first one… Haha if you’re testing to see if I’ve seen the show.. I’ve finished it.

  13. Lucian Ionita:

    Which episode?

  14. ReconnaissanceDroid:

    Wonderfully played, awsomely recorded… Beautiful!

  15. Magda Sánchez:

    Orgullosamente Talento Mexicano!!

  16. chris knights:

    Blew me away!!! saw these two on a jools holland guitar heroes had to find them on here amazing!!!

  17. Jesse Pinkman:

    lil bit fast

  18. ixfxi:

    I’de hit it.