Bebe — Siempre Me Quedara

Foto: Ilya Rashap.

[youtube z-HKvYDTpoc]

ipod 5

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комментариев 12

  1. chicaespanolasoy:

    Muy bueeenaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  2. Joshua Benson:

    really? what about it?

  3. nipaarjuk:

    PLEASE help me find a spanish song, female singer, and the words in chorus are * Por que te fuerte de mi, no puedo sero ….. de mi, si lo regrese …. de mi, I don`t know spanish, so i just wrote what i listened,

  4. MarinaTnVraxwn95:

    το λατρεύω αυτό το τραγούδι… <3 ΕΛΛΑΔΑΡΑ παντου...!! <3

  5. Ricardo Rodas Conde:

    Que buna canción , me gusta la voz de esta chica

  6. ThePokerFace7777:


  7. sagupe:

    Keira Knightley

  8. yusuf nergiz:

    ne güzel şeysin sen !

  9. ngọc chi nguyễn:

    sexy melody

  10. Alejandra youinstead:

    Su voz es tan sexy :O

  11. MrTeodosic:

    moun@r@ to komati

  12. MV540IEI:

    I don’t understand the language from this song, but it the way it sounds it touches me.. it feels like i can relate to it.. i am almost like 99% sure that’s why they call it music it has to touch your feelings right?