Shut It Down /Fancy Remix Cover performed Brian Puspos & JR Aquino

A lot of people don’t know I sang before I danced. I’m not even sure If I’m even good haha. Thank you Julia Eastwood (Ian’s momma) and JR Aquino for inspirin…

[youtube FeyMSn7PW3Q]

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комментариев 15

  1. Gabriella Harbrecht:

    Best part is by farr 4:17

  2. LeksiHD:

    You mean » FOREVER ALONE » 😛

  3. ben cendana:

    It’s been two years! they should really make more covers!!!!

  4. Austin Armstrong:

    Hi can you tell me what chords are that you are playing?

  5. ktrnaflrs:

    so hot

  6. queenjustin123:

    Forever alone I feel you

  7. kirsten heart:

    you piece of sexy fuck

  8. Bikram Gurung:

    i got no words,everything already written,JUST WOW!

  9. Tasha Wilson:

    In love ❤

  10. Christina Osorio:

    This* so*

  11. Christina Osorio:

    Seen thus do long ago but im commenting now. This is my morning song when i get ready Lol love this… And i like the little duck and frog on the table lol 3 🙂

  12. BmoresDurtyBird:

    just discovered this. TRUE TALENT

  13. Crystal Bryant:

    These guys! XD

  14. RecordWeaselGlobal:

    Wow, excellent! You should enter the Worldwide Superstar contest at recordweasel.c o m You could win $10,000 cash and it’s free to enter. Great worldwide exposure too. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

  15. Rocio Lopez:

    Brian is amazing!!