Eumir Deodato «Also Sprach Zarathustra» (1972)

From his 1972 album «Prelude» «Also Sprach Zarathustra» (Originally composed by Richard Strauss, arranged and adapted by Eumir Deodato) Eumir Deodato (full n…

[youtube t5Rn7S2zLWE]

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  1. Farmapronto Zempoala:

    Para muchos es partedelahistoria de nuestras vidas, una muy buena adaptacion del clasico, bien por el brazilian boy.

  2. MrOthersight:

    da capo….

  3. reedrichards82:

    cool, I want one

  4. sauquoit13456:

    On this day in 1968 {April 2nd} the Stanley Kubrick’s science-fiction movie «2001: A Space Odyssey» had its world premier in Washington, DC
    The following day it opened in NYC and the day after in LA
    And not surprisingly it won an Academy Award for ‘Best Effects, Special Visual Effects’…
    Five years later the theme music «Also Sprach Zarathustra — 2001» by Deodato entered the Top 100 on February 3rd, 1973 and eventually peaked at #2 {for 1 week}…
    R.I.P. Stanley Kubrick {1928 — 1999}…

  5. Augusto Du Arte:


  6. SystemFreaKk13:

    Phish brought me here hahaha

  7. Emilia Abeyta:

    My Favorite Music in the whole entire World!

  8. stratocaster539:

    I used to listen to this on the way home from school on a Pye hand held portable transistor radio that had VHF. Boy was I a techno-teen or what?

  9. Tavinho Luck:


  10. FractalPanther:

    «I understand.»

  11. ruf1980:

    misfits brought me here

  12. davedoremi:

    Truly amazing stuff

  13. Sundsly:

    Yes. It’s good.