Mirrors — Justin Timberlake — Michael Henry & Justin Robinett

iTunes Link — http://bit.ly/14RBFRh Michael Henry & Justin Robinett cover Justin Timberlake’s «Mirrors». Special Thanks to Dillon Carter(Cajon) and James McD…

[youtube u2Z0xejCK5M]

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  1. ebeezification:

    Green River Ordinance- Dancing Shoes. You guys would make my Fiance’s day!

  2. Mon Ramos:

    hey guys. can you do a cover of mariah carey’s almost home and christina aguilera’s just a fool? PLEASE? 😀 either one! it’s for my little niece’s birthday! 🙂 we’re big fans!

  3. Watson Maryjane:

    Cantan muy bien. Para mi gusto hacen los mejores covers. Seguid asi chicos!!

  4. Yoonjung Nam:

    probably the best Mirrors cover on Youtube!!!!!

  5. PointerRyan:

    didnt have to listen to them before liking heh

  6. AgentSuper23:

    i choose you timeflies please 🙂

  7. Candy Hsu:

    that’s what all the people who loves to sing looking for. at least i am! love it !!!

  8. GoddessofEggrolls:

    I know it’s irrational, but I feel like Justin betrayed Michael by playing guitar and not the piano with him.

  9. marcos lmusic:


  10. 5iveStarHumor:

    Is anyone just ready for them to be famous

  11. poptartandhun:

    I really would love to hear you guys sing Bruno Mars «Marry You» 🙂

  12. Yogi Nayyar:

    One Word: Holy Crap

  13. Joshua Nichols:

    Well obviously not Justin…

  14. Lisa Tatiana Rodrigues Camacho:

    No one is gonna love you — Band of horses! Please!