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комментарий 21

  1. unknwn2312:

    OMG. I feel so awful because I am two months behind with these vlogs. Fuck you Universiry. Fuck midterms. And fuck finals.

  2. lovensky saintil:

    h e is saying he diffrent than other people

  3. Daniel Molina:

    HAHAHAHAHHAA IM DIFFERENT…fucking hate that song

  4. roni carimi:

    Gina , is upstairs controlling the broom with a string .

  5. Caitlyn jen:


  6. Shyisflylol:

    EPIC kitty video

  7. candysmiles11:

    the broom is on a string and jeanna is upstairs moving it

  8. SupermanGamingg:

    The broom was Jeana holding the broom on a string

  9. kaylee lauren:


  10. Jazmine Pacyga:

    lol i saw the string when he moved it at the end but anyways PVP SAAAAAAAN!

  11. Adam Bartle:

    that’s kool 

  12. gnomeo7:

    Nike men’s free run +3, $69.99

  13. tamar aviv:

    AWSOME kitty video

  14. bffs4life5678:


  15. Payton Steinhoff:

    I saw the fishing line on your shorts when you lifted it up

  16. Jasmine Parker:

    How the heck was that magic

  17. dopefreshnessriya:

    I think there having a big cuddle

  18. Brandon Piszczek:

    Jeana was at the top of the stairs

  19. TheStabalise:

    What the broom was tilt

  20. tia waiponamu:

    pvps arnt dumb saaan jeana was upstairs with a peice of fishing line :PP

  21. Josiah Stevens:

    When you where elite socks pull them down a bit …