Watsky’s Releasing An Album S2, Ep. 2 of 6: Ugly Faces

Hopefully we boosted the female demographic with my hairless, sexual body. — Watsky Subscribe to LOUD for more Watsky every Tuesday! LOUD Facebook: http://ww…

[youtube F8VbhsNs5Qo]

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комментария 24

  1. emmelineysun:

    Watsky’s hairless sexual body definitely boosts my female demographic.

  2. Darren Lock:


  3. lolojojo369:

    Sorry….NOT SORRY!

  4. justmoijah:

    I definitely click ON when Watsky gets naked. More of the same, please;)

  5. CTCstreetwear:

    i think dumbfoundead is asian.

  6. Portia Harrop-Marriner:

    RHYS DARBY!!!!
    GO NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!

  7. loganbuck17:

    more dfd mf’ers!

  8. JRskatr:

    Hahaha maybe it’s the drugs, but these episodes are getting even funnier. LOLz.

  9. AnneTheHero:

    «Now grab the laptop, spin it ’round and slide it across the desk, like you’re in an old western, and he’s a cowboy that’s just turned up, and you want to show him who’s who and what’s happening in this town…» I don’t know if this line was scripted or improvised but it was definitely the best.

  10. Shampree Fritz:

    Personally I kept hoping for some Watsky skin. 😉 << female demographic

  11. Christina Kresge:

    Ps. Ur not ugly.

  12. Christina Kresge:

    I love you

  13. Oscar Elworthy:

    Watsky you should listen to Flight of The Conchords.

  14. BBgamer100:


  15. Tom Lister:

    George when are you coming to NZ!

  16. Jonny Ray:

    Sorry Not Sorry!

  17. JustMeAnaisB:

    Watsky, without clothes… yes please!

  18. Zara Lewes:


  19. Vicki Minervino:

    Bitch, I click on with a naked Watsky!

  20. marmargurl88:

    I don’t click off

  21. TheHundrednaire:

    So that explains how they got the idea for the ugly faces video.

  22. frozen2010july:

    watsky > life

  23. lanterngreen616:

    this band meeting is missing it’s roll call

  24. Isa Rabago:

    everyone says that about Jenna Marbles videos too