Journey Medley — Violins — Taylor Davis (Apotheosis & I Was Born For This)

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[youtube PGrjI_uEU80]


Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Shogunelite:

    They’re easy to make actually, my mother and I are in the middle of my own. =)

  2. Yellowmanasian:

    with years of experience, very possible my friend as with everything that you do for a long period of time. It may be hard yet it’s possible

  3. kledder2:

    Is it even possible to play properly with gloves?

  4. Travis Keaton:

    Where did you get those amazing journey costumes? Did you make them?

  5. Permafry42:

    Have you played Flower, the game thatgamecompany released before Journey? I’d love to see a video by you done around that game’s music =D

  6. elemmir:

    I come here every time I need some perspective and a reminder that it’s all a journey and I’ not alone, and every time your playing brings me to tears. Thank you so much!

  7. JustAFriendIAm:

    Thank you very much.
    That was a very nice.

  8. axemtitanium:

    Ah ok. Well good editing, then! I can barely watch other «violin music videos» because the video editors apparently have no idea how to sync the music with bow movements. It’s very frustrating to watch! Good on you for the attention to detail.

  9. sicarius999:

    The audio we’re hearing won’t be from the shoot. It’ll be recorded elsewhere and then overlaid onto the video.

  10. Cindy Serasset:

    so beautiful… I dream… Ty 😉

  11. BlackRaven87:

    This is so beautiful, I love it.

  12. axemtitanium:

    How do you play with gloves on? I can never get good tone out because the fuzz tickles the strings in weird ways.

  13. بدر الحربي:

    Ilove the music and the movie thank you isubscribe and like ana ican’t add to favorite because iam on ipod

  14. 5OCAGE:

    me encanto :3 simplemete hermoso

  15. Alexey Shildyakov:

    Thats what I call The Beauty.
    Beautiful girl plays beautiful music in the beautiful nature.
    You elate us and make forget about all difficulties of life. Thank you very much!

  16. Leonardo The Reaver:

    Hermoso, simplemente, hermoso.

  17. Dan Ch:

    AMAZING, have you ever done a cover for a Final Fantasy game track? Think you’d do a good job of a classic final fantasy track like say Final Fantasy 7 official theme song

  18. blastoiseneo:

    amazing you playing violino ,journey is great game and you is so beautyful

  19. carlos gomez:

    i love you you’re impresionant !!

  20. matheusap97:

    Uhuu mina muito boa